You care about your customers. We do too.

Your customers are your lifeblood. We get it. Ours are too. You need remote support software that is easy for your customers to use, because the last thing they need is another headache.

We’ve got you covered. Instant Housecall is easy to install, requires no setup on the customer end, and allows you to leave a customized icon on their desktop so they know you’re only a click away.

In fact, brand it top-to-bottom so your customers know you’ve got what it takes to keep them happy. No need to bother with pre-installed software or firewalls.

Simple. That’s why your customers tell their friends about you.

You’re not just a business owner, you’re a tech.

The world depends on techs. But in the push for market share, some companies have forgotten their roots.
Not us. We were techs first, and we’re still techs.

You need remote support software that has efficient functionality combined with innovative features. But this isn’t just a hobby. You’re running a business.

That’s why Instant Housecall includes features like customer initiated time windows and unattended access to help you manage your time better, in-app customer billing and session notes so you never have to worry about losing that piece of paper again, and On-Sight for remote hardware repairs.

You deserve a personal assistant.

With just a few more hours every day, you could help more customers and build your business more quickly.
You need someone to take over the no-brainer tasks so you can focus on the more complicated ones.

Don’t waste precious time finding and waiting for repair tools to download so you can run them. Instant Housecall’s unique Auto-Repair system lets you create a customized lineup from 100s of diagnostic and repair tools.

With one click you can start the whole process, freeing up hours of time every day.

The first time you watch it do your work for you, you’ll know it’s not just invaluable, it’s beautiful.

Choose your experience.

Instant Housecall is built to fit your needs. Whether you prefer using traditional desktop programs or are into the new Windows apps thing, we’ve got the perfect solution.


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