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Auto PC Repair is your personal assistant

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Easy to deploy

Connect easily without difficult codes or PINs

Cross-platform compatibility

Remotely support PC & Mac

Full UAC compatibility

Escalate through UAC security prompts remotely

Time Window

Your customer can open time window, up to 12 hours, for you to connect

Unattended remote access

Choose your customer from a list and access their computer any time, as many times as you like

Reboot and reconnect

Reboot your customer’s computer, even into safe mode, and automatically reconnect

Transfer files

Send files to and from your customer with drag-and-drop or context menu file transfer

Session chat

Understand your customer’s needs with session chat, automatically logged for a complete audit trail

256-bit SSL encryption

Security and privacy assured with 256-bit SSL encryption

Unlimited remote support on-demand

Remote support by invitation only. Once a session is finished you can’t get in without another invitation

Up to 10 concurrent sessions

Each Specialist can work on up to 10 Customer computers at the same time. Help more customers in less time and multiply your hourly rate

Multi-monitor support

View multiple monitors with pan and scan dual monitor support. Zoom in and out to see all monitors at the same time or one at a time

Multi-factor authentication

Secure your account with 2-Factor authentication

Features small businesses love

Direct downloads from your website

Add a download link to your website, email or chat for your customers to connect directly to you

Remove software at the end of each session

Automatically remove your customer’s software at the end of each session with a single click

Integrated Terms and Conditions

Keep your lawyer happy with integrated Terms that your customer has to agree to before a session starts. Outline your rates, legalese or anything you prefer

Earn more 5 star reviews or direct customers to surveys

Automatically send your customers to Google, Facebook or the review site of your choice at the end of each session. Alternatively, send them to a customer survey to learn more about how you and your team are doing.

Accept payment online in your own shopping cart

Connect to your customer, provide an estimate, then accept payment via PayPal or in your own shopping cart. If your shopping cart accepts HTTP GET variables, we can integrate with it

Complete support session and customer history

Session history with Specialist notes can be viewed by your customer, as a report in the Reports Portal, or during a session, so you and your techs can keep track of everything on your customer’s system

Automatically leave notes on your customer’s desktop

After a session, leave an automatic branded note on your customer’s desktop with session start time, end time, and notes to let them know about work you’ve done

Personalize Instant Housecall with your Logo

Customize the UI, splash screen, download support portal and desktop icon to match your company brand

Auto PC Repair is your personal assistant

Malware Removal

Remove malware like a pro with hundreds of built-in malware removal tools. Perform mass process termination, then use our unique three-stage malware removal process that lets you automatically go through pre-removal, running malware removal apps, then post-removal to get even the toughest malware. Got your own favorite tools? Add them to custom apps and run with a single click.

Windows Repair

Fix file associations, remove policies, repair permissions, and more with more than 40 automatic Windows repairs built-in. Check off the ones you want to run, click Start Auto Mode and let the software do the rest.


Run your favorite standard maintenance tasks automatically like time zone checks, deleting temp files, emptying the recycle bin and defragging, all automated with a single click. Got favorite apps you like to use for maintenance? Add them to Custom Apps and run with a single click.

How it works

Choose a category then from hundreds of automatic repairs built-in plus favorite custom apps. Click the checkboxes of each one that you want to run. Change the order with up and down arrows, then click Start Auto Mode. Auto PC Repair will run through your process from end to end automatically while you work on other PCs. Use the diagnostics dashboard to get an overview of your customers’ computers. Is Windows activated? Low on disk space? Which DNS is configured? Over 50 diagnostics are run to give you a complete picture of your customer’s PC. Generate info reports, review browser activity, and stress test your customer’s computer. Got favorite diagnostics tools? Add them to Custom Apps and run with a single click.

Unique features that make your business soar

Remote printing

Print from your customer’s computer to your printer. Install a special, branded printer driver that only appears when you’re in a remote support session


Accounts you can sell or give to your customers so they can control their own PCs unattended

Video auditing

Record everything you do from a mouse click to end the session with video auditing

Conference and Transfer calls

Got more than one Specialist? Transfer calls between them or set up conference calls where both techs can see what’s going on to collaboratively fix the issue

On Sight Hardware Repair

Customer having trouble connecting to the Internet? Download the Android app, then point their phone’s camera and you can see what they see to help coach through even the trickiest of problems

Pre-install Instant Housecall on machines at your shop

It costs nothing to install Instant Housecall on every machine you sell or that comes into your shop

Scripted unattended install

Want to batch-install Instant Housecall unattended access on a bunch of computers? Scripted install makes it easy to set up any computer you have access to

SMS notifications

Get notified by SMS any time your customer is trying to reach you

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