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5 Best Practices for a Smooth Remote Support Experience

In the last 12+ months, remote support has been elevated to a whole new level of importance. The pandemic forced everyone indoors and transformed corporate offices into ghost towns, while employees all worked remotely. During this time,...

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Maintenance Monday Jan 18 @ 3am

We will be performing maintenance on Monday January 18 at 3am Eastern Time (North America) for a database upgrade. During this time, all Instant Housecall services will be unavailable. We expect maintenance to last up to 3 hours. Questions? Open a ticket at...

What does depression really feel like for men?

Real men cry, but depressed men often don’t. When most people think of depression, they expect someone to cry, be sad, or down in the dumps. While men certainly can and do experience depression that way, a lot of men don’t. So what’s the number one symptom to look out...