6 Points to Make When Marketing Your Remote Support Services for HIPAA & Other Compliance

by | Sep 6, 2021 | Marketing

The change in the workforce from a mainly “in office” model to remote and hybrid models has opened up an entirely new avenue for remote support sales for MSP companies.

It’s estimated that at the end of 2020, approximately 59% of the U.S. workforce was working remotely anywhere between 1 to 5 days per week.

It’s no secret that when employees aren’t working on the same network in the same building that data security becomes much more complicated. Many organizations haven’t yet connected the dots to just how much an unprotected remote team can put them at risk of a compliance breach.

IT business remote support and remote MSP services are a perfect fix for many of the compliance risks that a remote and hybrid team can bring. Here’s how to drive that point home to clients you may have with compliance needs, such as medical facilities, accounting firms, financial firms, retailers, and others.

There are Higher Security Risks with Remote Employees

Just saying that remote employees are at a higher risk for cybersecurity, doesn’t drive the point home as much as giving statistics that back up the point.

Use some examples or stats that illustrate the dangers of remote teams not having security properly addressed.

Here are some that you can use:

  • 58% of organizations predict that remote workers will make them more vulnerable to a data breach.
  • Approximately 20% of organizations have reported a data breach due to a remote worker during the pandemic.
  • 30% of remote workers admit to allowing someone else to use their work device.

Remote Support Can Be Compliant With HIPAA & Other Data Privacy Guidelines

If you’re looking to gain more business from organizations that worry about data privacy compliance, then you want your marketing to emphasize your remote support being HIPAA compliant, PCI compliant, etc. 

Highlight the security you use to build trust in the remote support process. Tie that into compliance factors to give potential clients a full picture of what you can offer to reduce their risk.

Include details on encryption for your remote support connections and include a link to your firm’s data privacy policy.

Cite your experience with compliance in general and how your remote support is an extension of that. 

Many WFH Employees Are Using Personal Devices

One compliance nightmare is the thought of data getting exposed because it’s on a WFH employee’s personal device that can be accessed by someone else.

Approximately 69% of surveyed remote workers are using personal devices for work activities. This leaves things like PII, access to patient records, patient billing information, etc. at risk of being involved in a compliance violation.

Explain how your company can use remote managed support to monitor devices, “wall off” company files and put systems in place that secure logins to company cloud storage to keep sensitive files from being exposed.

Non-Compliance Fines Can be Stiff

One accidental exposure of sensitive client or patient data by a remote worker can mean stiff fines. Providing details on the types of fines companies can face, puts the value of your remote managed IT services into perspective.

For example, HIPAA violations range from $100 to $50,000 per violation. A single patient record being exposed can be considered one violation.

Remote Support Provides an IT “Lifeline” to WFH Staff

When employees are working remotely, they can feel isolated from their team. Instead of asking a supervisor or colleague about a questionable email, they may just click the link without thinking.

You can emphasize to your prospects that remote-managed IT support gives a “lifeline” to remote team members. They have a resource they can go to if they have any questions about potential phishing emails. Likewise, if their system is acting up and they know they have someone to call, it can be looked at right away to ensure it’s not a virus or hacker.

Ongoing Remote Management Can Solve Many Security Worries

Promote how your remote support services package multiple safeguards together. You can continually monitor systems to ensure no threats are present, as well as keep updates and patches installed in a timely manner.

The speed of remote support also means that any technical issues are looked at right away and addressed before they can cause a large problem.

With HIPAA and other data privacy standards, the effort an organization puts into protecting data is taken into consideration in the case of any breach. Using managed remote support both mitigates issues and is proof of taking appropriate measures to protect data that are collected and stored.

Make Promoting Your Remote Support Easier With Instant Housecall Software

Instant Housecall remote support software has multiple security features that make promoting your compliance-friendly remote services a “slam dunk.” 

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