6 Tactics to Improve the Remote Support Experience for Your Customers

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Just one thing that causes a poor customer experience during a remote support session can cause you to lose that person forever. 48% of consumers have said they’ve stopped doing business with a company after one bad experience.

It’s hard to grow a small business if you’re losing customers as fast as you gain them, which is why customer experience has become a major focus for organizations of all sizes.

It’s expected that by 2022, global spending on improving customer experience will reach $640 billion.

Remote support provides multiple advantages as a revenue stream for companies. It doesn’t require travel, so it costs less to provide. It can also be done from any location and enables you to have your own WFH staff.

But to properly build your remote support services, you need to give the customer a great experience that’s going to encourage them to work with you more often. Just one bad experience from a spotty connection or hard-to-download software can stop someone from ever trying your remote tech support again.

Here are several things you can do to ensure your customers are having a great experience when connecting with your techs for remote support sessions.

Keep a Log of All Remote Support Calls

It can be frustrating for a customer to call your office with a question after their remote support session and the person answering the phone does not have any record of that past remote support.

If you haven’t logged your remote support calls, it’s difficult to keep an accurate record of client sessions, who helped them, what issue was solved, when, etc. 

Keep a log of all sessions and detail what was done. This allows you to improve the customer experience in several ways, including:

  • Staff will be able to instantly pull up the history of a session when a customer calls
  • You can do post-session follow-up with the customer
  • You have tracking of technical fixes that occurred to inform future support

Keep the Experience Consistent

People like consistency with a process. It makes things easier when they do the same thing for the 2nd, 3rd, and subsequent times. If someone is faced with different experiences every time they connect with one of your support techs, they can get frustrated and also might think your company is disorganized.

Ensure all technicians are providing the same experience to clients. This includes the greeting they receive, the follow-up documentation that is sent, etc. It also means using the same remote support software and connection protocol every time.

Make Sure You Have a Fast Broadband Connection

Few things are more frustrating than a remote session taking three times longer than anticipated due to a spotty reception.

Make sure that your team is on fast broadband connections when assisting customers to minimize any problems with lagging or dropped connections.

While being able to answer support calls from a tablet while on the road is great, you also want to make sure your connection will support that. Otherwise, it may be better to have a technician at the office handle the call.

Remove Software at the End of Each Session (Unless It’s Ongoing Support)

One of the things that people get leary about when it comes to remote support is the need to download software. They often wonder whether a person could spy on them later if that software is still on their hard drive.

You can remove that pain point for customers by using remote software like Instant Housecall that can automatically remove the remote connection software after the session is ended. Promote this feature with clients so they feel more secure and have an improved remote session experience. 

Make the Payment Process Easy

People are used to an easy online payment process no matter what product or service they’re purchasing. If your payment process isn’t easy or automatic, then they’ll likely go elsewhere for their remote support.

Use a remote support tool that can connect to an online shopping system and enable easy payment for your customers without them having to leave your website.

Record Sessions So Clients Can Reference Them Later

When you’re going through a tutorial session or a technology fix for a remote client, they’ll often later forget exactly what was done or what you recommended that they do.

You can go above and beyond for your customers by recording the support sessions (with their permission, of course!). Then once the session has ended, send them a link to a video of the session that they can review later.

Give Your Customers a Great Remote Support Experience With the Right Software

Instant Housecall remote support software provides you and your customers with an easy, seamless experience that makes for better remote support sessions.

Try Instant Housecall risk-free for 15 days and experience it for yourself! Try it out now.


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