How to Use Your Remote Support Services to Generate New Leads

by | Oct 18, 2021 | Marketing

Generating new leads is always a main priority for any business. If you have a local IT business, then it can be even more challenging because you have a smaller area from which to get new customers and competition might be stiff.

But one of the changes in society during the pandemic has been more reliance on virtual meetings and other remote activities. This opens the door to expand your presence in other areas because through remote IT support, you can pretty much reach anyone on earth.

Both internet and broadband use has risen steadily over the last 20 years. As of 2021, 93% of U.S. adults use the internet and 77% have a broadband connection at home.

By promoting your remote support services, you can generate new leads and break into new areas of service that you may have never considered before. Here are several ideas that can help you do that.

Give Your Remote Support a Catchy Name

First, to gain more traction when promoting your remote support, you should have a catchy name for your service and the different types of remote support you offer.

Calling your remote support service something like “Ninja Support” or “Magic Tech Call” makes it more memorable to people that may be reviewing several different IT businesses. It also makes it sound more special than just the generic “remote support.”

Market in Less Populated Areas

You have no geographic boundaries with remote support services like you do with in-person repairs or service calls, so you can market in other areas throughout the country.

Look for less populated areas that might not have many local IT businesses to call. With less competition, you have a better chance at generating new leads.

You can gain some traction in a less populated area by creating a remote service landing page on your website using keywords for that specific area to help it rank on Google searches. Seeing a landing page that mentions their city/area will also draw in more potential customers from that area.

Promote a Remote Support Plan for WFH Employees

The business trend of the pandemic has been the rise of the remote workforce. Companies are now completely transitioning how they operate to accommodate work-from-home (WFH) employees.

80% of surveyed business leaders say they are going to allow employees to work remotely, part or full-time after the pandemic has passed.

Remote support for remote employees is a hot area of support right now and you want to target it with its own support package. Rather than just offering the same remote support that you offer to everyone else, create a “Remote Team Support Plan” or “Instant Help Package for WFH Staff” and promote that package specifically to businesses that are working to secure those remote devices and networks.

You may even consider creating a tiered level of WFH support, for small, mid, and larger companies.

Advertise Remote Support for Students on Social Media

Facebook, Instagram, and even TikTok are great places to reach students and families. Many families have switched their students to online classes due to the pandemic, which means more tech support is needed at home to ensure they can connect.

Even if students are back in traditional in-person classes, there is still a need to keep home technology running smoothly for homework and other afterschool activities. 

You can generate a whole new area of leads by offering student remote support through social media advertisements targeted by demographics of your choice (e.g. household income, location, etc.). 

Promote Remote Support on College Campuses 

College students often live with their laptops open. They take them to classes, carry them around campus, and can easily suffer from sluggish systems and other PC problems.

If there are some college or university campuses nearby, promote your remote support services and offer a student discount. You can promote these in places like the campus newsletter and potentially on flyers around the school (check their advertising options).

You could be laying the groundwork for a lifelong customer that continues sticking with your company once they graduate and move on to their career.

Expand Your Reach Internationally

Computers, networks, and cybersecurity work in the same way no matter what country you are in. Think about expanding your remote support advertising to other countries to help grow your business.

If you don’t speak another language beyond English, there are plenty of English-speaking countries you can work with, including Australia, the UK, South Africa, New Zealand, and many others.

Offer a Short Session as a Freebie (Lead Magnet)

When promoting your remote support in a new industry or territory, you might consider offering a free short 20-30 minute session at first as a lead magnet. 

This helps you get new leads in the door faster and provides you with the opportunity to continue nurturing that lead because you have their name and email address and have already made that initial connection.

Use a Remote Support Software That Helps You Reach More People Easily

Instant Housecall remote support software enables IT companies to reach more people and expand their remote business easily through multiple features.

Try Instant Housecall risk-free for 15 days and experience it for yourself! Try it out now. 


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